Do you Struggle to Speak your Message with Certainty & Confidence?

Learn how to speak with
Clarity, Conviction and Certainty


Learn from 2 speakers who are at the TOP OF THEIR GAME and more importantly,
have built their businesses by SPEAKING and PRESENTING.

Jean-Pierre De Villiers is a coach, peak performance strategist, speaker and author. As part of his personal mission, Jean-Pierre (or JP as he is known) teaches people how to live a healthy, successful and fulfilled life.
JP has captivated audiences internationally, speaking about his passion for living a fulfilled life, inspiring people to be extraordinary in all areas of their lives.  JP has over a decade of experience in personal coaching; he also speaks, and runs events, retreats and challenges all over the world.  He recently wowed his audiences in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and already has multiple international bookings for the rest of 2016.

At this inspirational Speaker Skills Masterclass JP will share his story of how he built an international business from scratch by speaking.

Pete Scott is an international corporate trainer, sales expert, speaker and multiple business owner.  Much like JP, Pete built his first business by speaking at every event possible.  When an event was not available, he would create his own events.

Pete is now one of the most in-demand business trainers in the UK.  In 2015 Pete spoke at over 50 conferences and spent more than 50% of the year travelling the world to speak to a wide range of companies and industries. Pete believes passionately in making a difference in what you do and delivering that message in the most inspirational way possible.

At Speaker Skills Masterclass Pete will share how you can effectively use your message to influence and inspire others.

Now, both Pete & JP feel a responsibility, even a calling to make a difference in the lives of other people when it comes to stepping on stage. Other people have asked both speakers repeatedly for help with their speaking. Both men agree that by tapping into the power of your mindset, your story and how you touch the audience emotionally, you CAN bring about the desired result. Now, Pete & JP can’t wait to share these secrets to success with you in this training! 

Speaker Skills Masterclass details...

This hands-on training created by Pete & JP covers not just the skills and mindset to stand on stage and deliver, but actually the behind the scenes of speaking that you usually don’t hear about. You’ll be learning a Solid System for Success in how to build your speaking business, as well as how to prepare on the days and weeks leading up to your presentation.

Held over 2 days in the Hilton Metropole, Edgeware Road, London, this is a COMPLETE IMMERSION event where you will be taking part in many practical activities. You will see and feel a difference in your confidence, stage delivery and mindset as each exercise is completed.

What you'll learn on this comprehensive 2 Day training...

  • Bring your presentations to life and inspire your audience
  • Create a LION mindset to take the stage with complete certainty and clarity
  • Influence & inspire people in a wide range of environments and situations
  • How to harness your fear and turn it into powerful purpose and excitement
  • How to use the number 1 technique behind presenting with purpose and passion
  • Present without the use of visual aids such as PowerPoint
  • How to penetrate the corporate market and start delivering speaking & training within companies
  • What speakers do in the background to prepare for an event
  • How to market yourself in the right way & build your personal brand
  • How to be the best version of yourself and deliver your story that inspires others
  • How to monetise your speaking business within 90 days


Catherine Trebble

Catherine Trebble

Speaker, Author, Online & Social Media Expert

We are delighted to have online expert Catherine Trebble to present a full session on how to use your website, social media and webinars as part of your speaking and marketing strategy.

How you market yourself online is CRUCIAL to attracting high paying speaking gigs and clients. Then when you’re planning your event, good marketing through a website and the RIGHT social media channels is key to getting your event off the ground.

Online is the best way to reach your target market, generate a buzz, and fill those seats!


Exclusive Private Facebook Group where you and your fellow speaker trainees can continue to improve your presentation and speaking skills over the coming months by getting your questions answered about marketing and leading your talk.

Support starts in the group as soon as you register.


Wow! Where do I begin – this man is amazing!!! Pete delivered a very engaging training session on presenting skills.  I was very impressed with his style, relaxed, very accurate and personable.  Pete’s style is very refreshing, challenging, unique and interactive.  You are involved right form the beginning and there is no hiding as he draws you in to the depths of all his knowledge – he is the oracle of presenting.

Shabana Qadir

Just a note to ssay that we had our half year ‘kick-off’ recently and everyone commented on the high standard of the presentations that were delivered.  Many people in our business got a chance to present from Directors to Resourcers (all of which that have been through your training.)  It was really clear to see that they’d put much more thought into their content and delivery than in previous years.  We were gripped throughout, and the tone was really professional, which was a step-change compared to previous years.  Our European MD said it was the best presentations he’s seen for a long time, and he sees quite a few of them!  Thanks for your help, it was great to see that people really took the training on board and applied it successfully!

Natalie Whittlesey

JP is a gifted speaker who ‘Wowed’ the audience at a lunch and learn session at Royal Bank of Scotland. The positive feedback we have received from participants demonstrates that if you want to become Extraordinary, then JP is someone who will help get you there. This principles are timeless, simple and effective.

Monica Sood (RBS)


Standard ticket £197

All access to 2 day event

VIP ticket £347

All access to 2 day event
Best seats in the house
Access to VIP lounge
VIP group session with JP & Pete
Teas, coffees

You will walk away from this 2-day course with an array of new skills and strategies for success but most importantly the mindset and inspiration to take MASSIVE ACTION in your life.  Wherever you are a Manager in a business and you want to inspire your team to reach the next level, or if you are a coach who wants more exposure by speaking at conferences and events, you are GUARANTEED to get what you need and want for success at Speaker Skills Masterclass!

Jean-Pierre De Villiers

Remember, this event is closer than you think! Tickets are selling fast and we encourage you to grab your ticket and bring along a friend or anybody who you feel will encourage your journey to presenting with confidence, clarity and certainty.

Pete Scott

Speaker Skills Masterclass

Saturday May 28th – Sunday May 29th
Hilton Metropole, Edgeware Road, London
Learn how to speak with Clarity, Conviction & Certainty.